We are a long established Iron Foundry 

and Engineering business based in The Midlands


We manufacture and machine high quality Grey & SG Ductile iron castings across a casting weight range of 0.5kg up to 8 tonnes.


Our portfolio spans prototype, low to medium volume engineering castings through to architectural castings for bespoke heritage and conservation projects. We also produce a number of finished product ranges. 


Since the first year of trading in 1905, hard work and continuous investment has evolved the company into a modern, technically competent business producing high quality iron castings, aware of its environmental obligations & impact. 

Melting plant consists of efficient Cupola Blast Furnaces & high powered Electric Induction Furnaces. We use air setting moulding sand, up to 80% of which is recycled, to produce dimensionally accurate castings with excellent surface finish. Integral to the business is the Engineering Machine Shop with manual and CNC capability, on-site Pattern Shop and a purpose built Metal Testing Laboratory. 


Castings can be serial coded, carry fully traceability and be supplied with all necessary certificates to meet customers' ISO9001 Quality System requirements.