Pattern Making

James W Shenton has its own pattern shop, its an integral part of the business and a service not many foundries can offer in-house. It has real benefits for our customers. For further information, contact us


Services Offered

  • New Patterns & Coreboxes

  • Loose Patterns or Compacts

  • Pattern Repairs

  • Complete Pattern refurbishment.


Materials Used

  • Pine

  • Hardwood

  • Slow Cure Resins

  • Aluminium patterns have also been made


Customer pattern storage is free of charge. Our highly skilled pattern makers can carry out essential repairs the same day avoiding delays that would result from patterns having to be sent off-site.


Examples of Recent Projects

  • Parts for a large prototype diesel engine

  • Large crankcase housing complete with complex, multiple coreboxes

  • Architechural components including 3 meter long supporting column pattern for a large decorative porch

  • Window frames with opening lights as part of a Grade II listed restoration project.

  • Impellers and Pump bodies 

  • Components for a new grinding machine

Casting Pattern
Engineering Pattern Making
Iron Foundry Pattern Making
Grey Cast Iron Crankcase