Norton Presses

The trade and assets of  T Norton have been sold to Milltown Ltd. 

All enquiries should be made to Robin Sharples  via email or by phone on +44 7494 968 867.  


The range scales up in size and force from a 2S through to a 12S. Flypresses are characterised by a screw that drives a ram and is normally operated by a sideways pull of the handle towards the operator. Weights can be added to the handle to provide extra force at the point of contact.

  • Standard - Evenly proportioned throat, depth & height

  • Deep Throat - Increased centre to back dimension for accommodating wide jobs or tooling

  • Tall - Increased base to guide height

  • Bar - Uses a narrow bar rather than a traditional base plate

  • Flypresses are supplied with false bottom (model dependent), clamps, square head bolts and nuts, press arm and ball weights.


Arbor Presses

The arbor press range also scales up from an M1 to M3A. This type of press has a rack and pinion drive and is normally operated by a downward pulling action on the arm, located on the right hand side of the press.

  • Used when a lower level of force is required.


Accessories and Spares

We carry a complete range of spares for the current model presses and many spares for presses no longer manufactured. We also produce heavy duty stands and special stands can be fabricated to meet customer specification. Spares Price list.


Key Benefits

  • Easy to operate

  • Extreme durability

  • Operates without the need for power supplies

  • Spares readily available and easy to replace.

  • Contact us should you require any information. 

Norton Fly Press
Norton Fly Press being machined