Grey Iron to BS EN 1561: 1997 





Hematite is a grade of Grey iron alloyed with Chromium. The grey iron base metal, made to BS EN 1561:1997 specifications has a larger graphite microstructure (size 5 to 6) and a pearlitic matrix with a prepensity to form some carbides. If specified, Nickel and Copper can be added to maximise the resistance to repeated heat cycles and reduce scaling and is proven to be especially effective in larger melting vessels.  


Hematite has excellent thermal heat capacity for use in melting pots, ingot moulds for ingot casting machines and vessels for processors of precious metals. More information available here on these types of castings.  


Grades offered can be certified by an independent UKAS laboratory and analysis backed up by our own laboratory GNR OE spectrometer. 


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