Melting Pots & Ingot Moulds

Castings for Metal Processors


We hold a substantial numbers of patterns for pots, ingot moulds and slag baths of which have a wide range of capacities and shapes to suit different melting or handling requirements. Click here for our hematite metal grades. 


Our pots are used by processors of aluminium, lead, copper and more demanding applications involving iron based super alloys. We can also supply melting vessels for processing precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, paladium and iridium.


We cast ingot moulds for automatic ingot casting machines built on to track conveyor systems. They can be drilled, machined and supplied ready for mounting. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.


All of our metal processing castings are made from hard wearing, heat resisting grades of Grey Iron or SG Ductile iron, formulated to maximise the longevity of the castings.

Melting Pot - Metal Processor
Ingot Mould
Slag Pot