Engineering Castings  


Industries Supplied

  • Automotive

  • Water

  • Metal Processing

  • Energy

  • Packaged Systems

  • Machine Tool

  • Toolmaking and Fixturing




Types of Castings 

  • Automotive Press Tools

  • Die Cast Tooling

  • Sluice Gates

  • Pump & Motor bodies

  • SG Turbocharger components

  • Components for pump installations

  • Manifolds

  • Crankcases

  • Cylinder Blocks

  • Machine Bases

  • Flywheels

  • See Gallery

Castings for Defence
Castings for Earth Movers/ Excavators
Cast Iron Impeller
Cast iron base
Castings for Water Defences
Cast Iron Machine Base
Cast Iron Press Tool

There is an expectation that Engineering Castings produced at James W Shenton Ltd will operate over a prolonged lifetime, withstanding high mechanical forces including pressure, impact or wear. The making of an Engineering Casting is often the start of a chain of value adding processes to achieve a final product. For these reasons, our Engineering Castings undergo additional scrutiny. As always the grade of cast metal must be exact and alloyed correctly. 


Production records enable Castings to be traceable to the batch of metal from which they were cast, and when required by the customer, to Certificates of Conformity or testing, normally supplied with castings. Dimensional accuracy of course is a requirement which is promoted by the use of hard setting moulds.