• The Cupola Blast Furnace produce Grey Iron for castings up to 8000kg's.

  • Electric Induction furnaces produce SG Ductile iron grades up to a maximum of 1200kg's net. 

  • There are 3 large articulated moulding machines, each with its own, machined flat moulding platform. The largest of the 3 moulding machines produces 12.5 tonnes of moulding sand per hour. 

  • A smaller Moulding Machine with a Track & Loop system can produce medium volume in the region of 10,000 castings per annum. This Track & Loop system is geared towards wooden patterns in 'compacts' for fast repetition. 



All parts of the production process rely on quality materials. This extends to the moulding and coremaking materials as much as it does the various classes of metallics purchased for melting. We only source raw materials from reputable suppliers to avoid the detrimental effects of metallurgical contaminants.We operate an internal Quality System, recording all relevant data associated with Quality, which allows castings to be fully traceable to an individual ladle of metal. To control metal specification, we use thermal profile analysis, spectrographic sampling, tensile & Brinnel hardness measurements. We also prepare micrographs retrospectively from time to time to maintain a further check on metallic structure. This is done in house from our Metal Testing laboratory. 



One of our strengths is our rapid response to enquiries and production of urgent castings, be they breakdown requirements, leadtime squeezed or late ordered items. Castings from polystyrene patterns for press tools can often be manufactured within a matter of days.


We do our upmost to match or surpass customers expectations.

Grey Iron & SG Ductile Iron Castings 


Metal Grades

For our full range of metal Grades download our PDF brochure. Brief technical information on the grades we produce is given below.



Industries Supplied

Here are just a few of the sectors we supply:

Hematite Ingot Mould Castings
Heritage Conservation Castings
Oil & Gas Pipe Line - Casting