BS EN 1564: 2011 Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI)


Commercially developed in 1972, ADI is the most recent addition to the Ductile Iron range. 


ADI castings are increasingly displacing steel forgings and castings, welded fabrications, carburised steel, and aluminium due to superior performance.


Strength is comparable to steel allowing nearly 80% of all cast and forged steels to be replaced with some grade of Ductile Iron or ADI.


ADI is three times stronger than the best cast or forged aluminium and weighs only 2.5 times as much. Because it is twice as stiff, a properly designed ADI part can replace the equivalent aluminium part and still achieve weight saving.


ADI’s abrasion resistance exceeds that of conventionally processed steels and irons at a lower ‘bulk’ hardness level. Unlike carburised steel, which loses wear resistance as the carburised layer is removed, ADI improves in service. Wear resistance is superior to steel at any given hardness level, making it ideal for earth moving and other high abrasion applications.


ADI cast production offered is certified by an independent UKAS laboratory. Components design and the appropriate heat treatment cycle is a significant factor in manufacturing parts successfully in these grades and prior consultation will always be necessary.


Grades Offered according to EN1564:






US Grades according to ASTM A897/A897M-03

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